Are you losing money this fall with your business?

Heating prices are just increasing.  How do you shave some dollars off the bottom line?  When the weather turns cold outside or begins to cool in the fall.  It is so nice and crisp but what do you really have to worry about? Well let's see....

1) Make sure to check that your door seals are adequate and free of debris.

2) Be sure that your employees have not opened any windows or vents to the outside.

3) Insulate and contain your space.  The more insulation you have in a space the better, check attics and floor joists. Your electric bill will thank you.

4) If you have hardwood or laminate flooring and are in a setting that allows for rugged areas try this to keep more heat in.

5) Keep the temperature in the office a few degrees colder than comfortable this will usually encourage employees to dress more professionally (suits are always warmer) and ban the blanket (its a fire hazard people).

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Posted on October 15, 2015 .